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Dress Code & Handbook

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Please review our current handbook. See below for information on the dress code that is required for your child’s class. You can also view this section in the handbook.

Required Dress Code by Class

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Dance with Me/Preschool Dance I and II

  • Any color leotard (Boys tshirt/athletic pants/shorts)
  • Optional skirt or dance short
  • Pink Ballet tights (Dance with me, no tights required)
  • Pink Leather Ballet shoes/Black tap shoes/Black Jazz shoes-check required shoes for specific combo classes (Dance with me participate barefoot, no shoes required)
  • Hair pulled back and away from face

Hip Hop KIDZ

  • Loose fitting clothing that is easy and comfortable to move in (NO JEANS, SKIRTS OR JEAN SHORTS)
  • Athletic wear
  • Black high tops/black sneakers without a tread or black combat boots
  • Hair pulled back and away from face

Leveled/Technique Class Dress Code

Ballet classes (Beginning with Ballet 1 and above)

  • Black leotard (any style)
  • Optional dance skirt
  • Pink Ballet transitional dance tights
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Hair in bun
  • No jewelry

Jazz/Tap classes (Beginning with Level I and above)

  • Any color leotard (any style) (Boys- tshirt and athletic pants or shorts)
  • Dance shorts/dance capris
  • Tan split sole jazz shoes
  • Black tap shoes
  • Hair pulled back away from face
  • No jewelry

Hip Hop

  • Comfortable/stretchy clothes
  • No denim shorts/jeans or skirts
  • Black high tops or black combat boots

Lyrical/Turns and Leaps/Contemporary/Broadway Jazz/Ultimate Dance Rotation

  • Any color leotard
  • Dance shorts
  • Transitional caramel dance tights
  • Tan Jazz Shoes
  • Hair pulled back away from face
  • No jewelry

Musical Theater/Vocal Production

  • Clothing that will not restrict or prohibit movement. Suggested attire would be fitted dance pants and a fitted t-shirt/tank. Boys can wear lose fitting pants and t-shirt. Shoes required for this class will be determined based on the choreography decided upon by the teacher.